Medler SuperLaser

How does cleaning with the use of a laser work?

Precisely focused laser beam is directed onto the cleaned surface and with short highly powered impulses generates thermal reactions and absorption of radiation. These conditions trigger sublimation, that is a rapid transition of substance from the solid into the gas state, which makes the laser detach and evaporate dirt from the cleaned surface. Proven process of the laser beam calibration allows for fast and effective work, whereas the possibility to save the
initial settings of the device helps reach comparative effects during every cleaning. Moreover, control over the parameters makes it possible to adjust the laser beam to the shape of the cleaned objects, which enables cleaning of large surfaces or only a specific fragment. A properly regulated laser does not damage or change properties of the cleaned material. Only layers of dirt, oxides or other remnants are removed and the laser doesn't interact with the previously cleaned surface. Laser Cleaning is environmentally friendly as it does not require the use of chemicals, solvents, abrasives or water. Additionally, it does not produce any residual waste because particles of dirt evaporate while the laser is on and are instantly absorbed by filters, which means that the working place is kept clean and does not require additional cleaning after the service is over.

Advantages of laser cleaning:

  • fast progress up to a few m²/h;
  • does not require special preparation or protection of the working space;
  • low volume of the emitted sound;
  • filtering system absorbs evaporated dirt, which keeps working space clean during cleaning and after it;
  • cleaning without additional means such as cleaning chemicals, solvents, abrasives;
  • environmentally friendly – does not leave any toxic waste;
  • ability to repeat the effects thanks to the possibility of saving device’s settings;
  • security of the cleaned surface – no mechanical or chemical interaction with the cleaned surface.