Grinding and renovation of stone

Finishing, renovation and preservation of stone and composite surfaces.

Improperly finished and protected stone floor wears out and loses its aesthetic value faster. Steps such as grinding, polishing and preservation guarantee that floor stays in a good condition for longer time and makes it easy to keep it clean. Thanks to the use of the old Italian tradition of processing stone, vast experience and professional approach we can guarantee the service of the highest quality, while creating luxurious floor, which emphasizes the prestige of the real estate.
The first stage of our works includes initial examination and tests of grinding, so that we can determine the most appropriate finishing for the particular material. When it’s necessary, we even the floor and protruding edges of the tiles, which often are a result of improper construction in the past or pulverising of the material on the spots exposed to the most frequent use. Next phase of grinding is closing pores of the floor, which reduces dirt absorption.
Afterwards we give the final touch to the surface by polishing it with diamond discs of the highest gradation. The last stage is impregnation with water-repellents, which additionally protects the floor against dirt and moisture.

Depending on the polishing method, we can achieve the following variants of appearance:

Antique effect – unequally balanced shine highlighting natural character of stone.

Matt – surface with the minimal shine.

Half-matt – surface with medium shine.

Bright shine – surface with the full shine.

Advantages of grinding and renovation of stone:

  • protecting of the surface against dirt and moisture absorption while ensuring breathing of the material;
  • protection against mould and discoloration;
  • simplified cleaning;
  • removal of scratches, stains, slips, roughness, protruding edges of the tiles;
  • highlighting natural, deep colour of the material;
  • luxurious appearance.