Super Beton System

Concrete grinding and polishing technology.

Super Concrete System is a concrete grinding and polishing technology patented and developed by Klindex, world’s leader in the polishing of stone and concrete surfaces market. Thanks to grinding, usage of special chemicals and polishing, we change concrete’s structure and thus improve its properties.
The first stage of grinding is removal of cement grout, which is mostly affected by external factors and mechanical damage. Next, we protect concrete with lit silicate, whose chemical interaction with concrete changes its properties and increases its resistance, preventing it from cracking and decreasing deteriorating water absorption and evaporation. The following step is polishing which ensures mechanical closing of pores to eliminate concrete pulverising and makes it less prone to wearing off. Finally concrete is impregnated with hydrophobic solution, which prevents dirt from getting into the inner part of the floor.

Variants of finishing floors with the use of Super Concrete System technology:

Super Concrete Terrazzo Effect

Perfect solution for spots and foundations containing large amounts of aggregate. Thanks to the ideal aggregate cutting,
floor acquires the terrazzo effect which provides aesthetic and attractive look.

Super Concrete HS

It is the fastest, the most economical and the easiest way to finish off every concrete surface. It is recommended for the
places, where it is necessary to improve parameters of concrete floors, which have lower quality.

Super Concrete Fast

A method of finishing concrete surfaces recommended for places with high volume of pedestrian traffic. It’s a perfect option for clients and companies, who appreciate innovation and quality while sticking to economical principles.

Super Concrete Premium

It is the best variant of polished concrete recommended for the clients expecting services of the highest quality. Super Concrete Premium system is the most resistant and the longest lasting concrete floor available nowadays.

Dyeing Concrete Floors

Dyed concrete floors are getting more and more popular thanks to their neat looks, representative value, resistance and unbeatably bargain prices of construction and maintenance in comparison with other materials used to make floors. Dyed concrete looks perfect in places such as: shopping malls, exhibition pavilions, car salons, garages, factories and warehouses. Additional advantage of concrete dyeing is the possibility to create various patterns, inscriptions, logos and any other marks. Common methods of changing floor's colour dye only the surface of the material and need to be repeated on a regular basis. However, our method uses absorption attributes of the floor as we apply dyes, which get into the inner structure of concrete, becoming a guarantee of lasting of colour and resistance to pulverising without a need to repeat the dyeing process.

Advantages of applying Super Concrete System:

  • evening and refining the surface;
  • reducing risk of electrostatic discharges between the floor’s surface and electrical appliances;
  • protection against resistant stains thanks to water-repellent impregnation preventing from soaking of oils and other
  • increased resistance to pulverising, hits and scratching;
  • relatively short time between the start of work and the moment, when the floor is completely finished;
  • better lightning of the space thanks to the light being reflected in the floor;
  • no smell or toxic substances emission;
  • elimination of floor pulverising;
  • decrease in workload and cleaning costs;
  • reduction of stains left by tyres and shoes;
  • increased safety thanks to anti slippery properties of the floor.