Water-repellent Protection

Protecting materials against harmful influence of water.

Moisture absorption by construction materials negatively affects their durability. Dampness leads to the surface degradation, makes it more susceptible to the chemical and mechanical corrosion and increases the risk of mould and fungus growth. It should be noted that most materials exposed to the frequent direct contact with water should be protected against moisture absorption. Thanks to the use of appropriate chemicals, which are generally called hydrophobic repellents, we are able to improve humidity parameters of the object. The repellent used by us absorbs into the inner structure of the material instead of staying on the outer layer only, which makes our method far better than other protection ways.

Advantages of hydrophobic protection:

  • increased resistance to the harmful influence of environmental factors;
  • resistant to accidental removal;
  • inner closing of the material pores with simultaneous enabling of the material’s breathing;
  • protection of the materials of the low absorption index thanks to the micromolecular built;
  • no influence on protected material’s colour;
  • no negative influence on material’s quality;
  • lasting effect;
  • lower cost in comparison with traditional methods that require more frequent repetition.