Medler CleanEscalator

Multimedia advertisement systems on escalators and travelators.

Escalators, apart from their transportation function, represent potential of conveying information. Multimedia escalator advertising is cheap, can be safely fixed and dismantled and does not require mechanical changes in escalators. Located at places with large amounts of visitors, escalator advertisements are an excellent way of reaching numerous viewers at a low cost. Moreover, placing advertisements on escalators and travelators in shopping malls gives a possibility to inform clients about promotions and novelties, directing their attention to shops that they haven't planned to visit earlier, which is especially profitable for shops situated in less exposed spots. Another important advantage is that this type of advertising campaigns is still something that people aren't used to and thus stands a bigger chance of drawing more attention.

Advertisement on escalators is a novelty, which intrigues and draws attention.

Advertisement on escalator handrails

Rarely used for advertising purposes, escalator handrails can serve as perfect advertising medium that can reach a large audience. Being aware of that continuously lost potential, we started to place various advertisement content onto escalator handrails with the use of specialist non-permanent film, changing escalators into carriers of dynamic and original advertisement.

Advertising film is made of synthetic adhesive tape with digitally printed, written and graphic content. Advertisement is installed for the period of four weeks. In particular cases, if the wear of the film is relatively low, we can prolong the campaign for even up to three months.

  • safe installation and deinstallation without interfering with the escalator’s mechanisms,
  • possibility to adjust advertisement to all models of handrails,
  • elastic and durable print (it doesn’t crumble and doesn’t stain hands,
  • bright colours resistant to UV,
  • adjusting the length of the advertisement to the length of the handrail (exact match),
  • duration of the campaign up to 3 months.

Multimedia advertisement stations

Another solution we would like to offer are multimedia advertisement stations equipped with high quality displays and speakers enabling broadcasting of any informational or advertising message. Devices can be rented for the period of twenty four months or longer. We install stations at the front of escalators in the direction of the run, in the view of pedestrians, thanks to which advertisement is presented to as many people as possible, in a clear and accessible way.

  • safe installation and deinstallation without interfering with the escalator’s mechanisms,
  • possibility to display any advertisement sequence,
  • wireless access to the device thanks to the use of Wi-Fi,
  • high fidelity of picture and sound,
  • innovative and attention attracting look.