Medler CleanEscalator

Comprehensive escalators and travelators cleaning services.

In order to function in a safe and flawless way, escalators and travelators require professional cleaning. Therefore at Medler CleanEscalator we use only proven methods based on specialist chemicals and equipment, thanks to which we can provide the highest quality of service. Professionalism, ongoing learning and the right use of the technology make us the leader in our branch.

The system which we developed allows us to clean hard to reach spots and remove grease as well as other kinds of dirt. During the process of cleaning escalators and travelators are sprayed with a fine mist of solution instead of running water, which eliminates the risk of flooding the drives and ensures their safety and also enables instant usage of cleaned objects. We clean steps and risers independently of the material they are made of. Thanks to the fact, that the machines can be individually adjusted we are able to clean escalators and travelators of all producers.

Improperly applied chemicals and cleaning methods can lead to the damage of steps, darkening (burning) of aluminium, dissolving and fading of paint or scratches on the surface. Moreover, improper cleaning or lack of it can lead to malfunctions and expensive repairs. Our vast experience helps us avoid these mistakes and provide the best quality of cleaning.

Our offer includes following services::

  • cleaning of travelators,
  • cleaning of landings,
  • cleaning of side walls of escalators and travelators,
  • cleaning of stairs edges and pedestals,
  • cleaning of moving elements,
  • cleaning of moving elements,
  • cleaning of glass,
  • renovation of landings,
  • removal of pitting from the aluminium.